We create communities that bring people together

The Landmark Difference

Our clients and their communities have been at the heart of every Landmark Development project since our founding in 2008. With more than 50 years’ combined experience in every aspect of residential, commercial, office, and industrial development, we bring a wealth of expertise and perspective. On every project—whether it’s a stand-alone commercial development or an entire mixed-use neighborhood—we never lose sight of the ultimate goal: Creating great places that will enhance people’s lives for many years to come. Beyond communities, we strive to build strong relationships, rooted in the Iowa tradition of working together for the common good, communicating honestly, and delivering on our promises. In short, we are dedicated to delivering the very best solutions for every community we serve. And our results show it. Please explore our projects and contact us to learn what we can do for you.

What WE DO

Landmark Development Services continuously works to identify available properties for all types of uses throughout the region. We review properties for development potential by combining our industry experience and the needs of our clients, with growth patterns forecast from public and private investment.

Landmark Development Services produces project recommendations by studying specific property traits derived from historical and environmental studies, coupled with government planning documents, and producing an initial development plan. We then apply our internal historic cost data to produce budgeting models which justify the investment and financial strategies.

Utilizing our team’s extensive experience in land use planning and marketability, we work with our business partners to create well thought out communities. We consider the best use of the property and couple that with government regulations and good design, resulting in great places.

Our team assembles overall project budgets and individual phasing budgets that are utilized in the creation of Proforma’s which forecast the expenditures, income, and overall financial strategy for each development opportunity.

Landmark Development Services has an internal team of accountants that process all expenditures and income for each project, resulting in a truly “hands-free” process for landowners and investors.

Landmark Development Services work with our long-term business partners for engineering and design services. Our team will manage the creation of all design documents from the napkin sketch through construction and final acceptance.

The Landmark Development Services team has extensive experience in the public and private sector which makes us efficient at working through government entitlements such as Land Use amendments, zoning amendments, subdivision approvals and site plan approvals.

Landmark Development Services has long relationships with many respected development contractors. We work with each contractor individually and bring all parties together as a team. We then work with the “team” to create workable construction schedules that respect practicality while continually finding efficiencies to complete a project in a timely manner. Our field supervision staff continuously monitor construction progress, update schedules and can work swiftly on any issues that may arise.

We create a marketing strategy in the early stages of every project as part of the initial design efforts, utilizing signing, landscape and hardscape elements to create the look and feel of each “place.” We then utilize traditional marketing materials distributed in print and digital formats to present our physical efforts to a wider audience. We plan a neighborhood name, look and feel based upon the geographic location, unique market traits and, ultimately, with the end user in mind.

"The word that first comes to mind is Integrity and it's great to work with people that have your best interests in mind."

Corey Kautz, Greenland Homes


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